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 Legal Coaching

 Coaching for Lawyers

Principal Coach




Legal Coaching was founded by Michelle Knighton.


Michelle is a commercially trained lawyer and life coach with 12 years of experience working in the financial services sector. She has worked in corporate and in private practice as in-house counsel.


Specialised in coaching lawyers, Michelle has worked with lawyers to deal with practical issues, including effective communication skills, career advancement and transition. Results driven, Michelle combines her knowledge of the industry with coaching and psychological based tailored programs to ensure client needs are met.


Michelle holds Bachelor Degrees in Law, Arts (Psychology) and a Diploma of Coaching. She is also a certified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching and Deep State Re-Patterning. Michelle is a member of the International Coach Federation and International Association for Coaching . Her interests relate to positive change in the work environment for those in professions of high stress and pressure and the objective being for her clients to excel in pursuit of their goals.


Legal Coaching came into existence after Michelle recognised the stress and pressure lawyers experience day to day.  With competing factors such as juggling work priorities, reviewing matters with differing levels of complexity and dealing with different personalities and corporate cultures, Michelle also observed the high achieving self-critical nature that lawyers possess. Michelle determined more effective strategies are required for lawyers to assist them cope better with the high expectations required by a heavy work load and the pressures associated with meeting tight time lines. Michelle also helps lawyers utilise their transferable skills to enter into different areas of law or into other careers.



Legal Coaching is unique as it has been created by a lawyer that understands the issues of the legal industry.


Coaching is generally a professional development process built around conversations with a coach designed to raise self-awareness, improve performance and encourage changes in behavior. To see how Legal Coaching can help you, contact Legal Coaching and we will give you a free 30 minute professional consultation.



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