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 Legal Coaching

 Coaching for Lawyers


Coaching for Lawyers


Founded by a lawyer that has experienced the world of private practice and in-house, Legal Coaching has emerged in response to the struggles and issues faced by lawyers and barristers day to day in the legal profession.

Legal Coaching provides coaching services, which may be an effective way to help you:

  • reach your career and personal goals
  • explore and overcome challenging situations
  • achieve more balance and happiness

Legal Coaching can also help you focus on broadening your career objectives - whether exploring other legal opportunities or considering other career avenues that utilise your training and experience.

Legal Coaching - Coaching for Lawyers



Legal Coaching specialises in coaching:

• Lawyers

• Barristers

• Law Firm practice groups

• In-house practice groups


• Social Justice sector

Refer and click on the Programs tab for further information regarding Legal Coaching programs and services.

Legal Coaching - Coaching for Lawyers


Legal Coaching is dedicated to helping those that have entered the legal profession and wish to make beneficial changes to their life to live the life they want.

Lawyers and Barristers are generally under immense pressure to perform in their roles and may get lost "in the moment". Due to so many "moments" being lost, those in the legal profession tend to lose focus of the direction they want to be heading and the values that are important to them. Over time, not living in accordance with their values and not heading towards their goals can bring a mismatch of who they want to be and who they are. As a consequence, many lawyers and barristers may exhibit patterns of behaviours and emotions that are not resourceful to them or others around them, including their family, friends and colleagues.

Legal Coaching aims to assist lawyers and barristers get their focus back to ensure they are living their life in accordance with their values and keeping them in track so they are being the person they want to be.

Legal Coaching - Coaching for Lawyers


Specialised in providing coaching to the legal profession, Legal Coaching focuses on lawyers that are committed to change.

All coaching sessions and communications relating to the coaching sessions are entirely confidential.

Legal Coaching complies with the standards and practices of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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